Pabna Bohumukhi Agro Farms strives to be a community resource and to be recognized as a model of sustainable urban living in Bangladesh.


Pabna Bohumukhi Argo Farm (PBAF) is one of the most renowned Argo based producing farm in Bangladesh which deals with agriculture and development in rural area in BD.The farm established in the year of 2007. At first time we started our Agro based producing service from rural area at Varara in Pabna. Now PBAF has well-established enterprises in agricultural field and most of its projects have been success stories. The farm Strives to achieve development in the field of Agriculture by acquiring suitable Landed Properties enabling the investors to make growth under various plans by making investments. The company concentrates on producing various agricultural products and encourages distribution by engaging manpower for the purpose .In addition the company deals with Construction sector for increased employment.

Now-a Days, Our Pabna Bohumukhi Argo Farm (PBAF) gains the  reputation all over the Bangladesh even aboard for producing and supply high quality food,fruit,paddy,meats, pure milk and many other agriculture products .We also play a vital role to earn foreign currency from Abroad.

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